Nutritional Therapy

   Are you wanting to change your:

  • Digestive health – excessive wind, bloating, indigestion, pain and irregular bowel movements are all signs of digestive imbalance.  And yes, your poo can reveal a great deal about the health of your insides!  I work with many clients with conditions such as IBS, Coeliac disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Reflux disorder.
  • Energy & Vitality – making sure you are eating the most beneficial foods at the right times can have a positive impact on your energy and wellbeing, especially if you have a busy  demanding lifestyle or feel exhausted all the time.
  • Mental wellbeing – low mood, depression, anxiety and mood imbalances have far reaching effects on life.  Looking at foods and nutrients to support brain function and hormone balance is a step in the right direction.
  • Stress levels – stress is an inescapable part of life and we all handle it differently.  Discover how to use foods and nutrients to support your resilience and energy levels in the face of ongoing stress.


Eating the most beneficial foods, in the right way and at the right time can bring powerful positive changes to your health.  Your unique Nutrition Plan will include the most suitable foods for you to be eating, those which are better to limit or avoid, meal plans and recipe ideas.

Clueless in the kitchen?  Not sure if aubergine is a paint colour or vegetable?  Your Nutrition Plan is designed at a level which is right for YOU so if you prefer to assemble a meal rather than cook or only have 20 minutes to prepare dinner we will discuss what you need and make the plan work for you.


Nutrition and herbal supplements can be incredibly useful for supporting the body through times of stress or imbalance.  They are not a replacement for optimum nutrition and instead are used to assist the healing process.  I recommend high quality supplements from reputable manufacturers with an evidence base to support their usage.

Nutrigold offer premium supplements based on naturopathic principles; their range includes ‘Citrizorb’ minerals, Golden Aloe juice and a range of bioavailable nutrients. Please click the on the Nutrigold logo to set up an account with the home of organic, high absorption Citrizorb minerals and experience for your self the gold standard in naturopathic  nutrition.

Exercise & lifestyle habits

As human beings we are designed to move around!  Exercise has huge benefits for our digestion, joints, weight balance, nervous system and mental wellbeing.  Relaxation, meditation and exercise all have their place in optimising health and are incorporated into treatment plans.

I am not allowed to diagnose any health condition and my recommendations are not intended to replace medical advice.  In the first instance, with any health condition, please consult your GP.