I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 15 years ago and have suffered from a range of symptoms over the years, including IBS, tiredness, muscle and joint pain. I am very aware of the importance diet plays in overall health and wellbeing and I have tried to eat healthily. I decided to consult a nutritionist to help me with this. I found Sally to be very friendly and approachable as well as incredibly knowledgeable. We discussed my symptoms at length and she gave me some very good advice as well as recipe cards and other information. She also gave me a food intolerance test which pinpointed specific things to avoid. I have adapted my diet and I feel so much better, thank-you Sally! I would highly recommend Sally to anyone wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle or address any particular diet issues.’ DE

I first met Sally some years ago when I approached her in Tullivers to ask her a health
question. What first struck me about her was her smile and her calm, friendly persona. I am a frequent customer at Tullivers and have been in contact with her over a period of time.  Last year I was not feeling well and knew that my diet was not well balanced. My husband was working away during the week and I was not cooking meals. I made arrangements to have a consultation with Sally and after compiling a diet sheet over a two week period discovered that one of my problems was that I had no protein in my diet.
I had about 3 consultations with Sally; at one of them she gave me a blood test to show if I
had any intolerances. I did and she rang me the same day to advise me of these; I then had
a further consultation to sort this out.  I had almost forgotten how to eat a well-balanced meal; she was very sympathetic to my plight and not only made suggestions on how to put this right but she also gave me recipes to follow.  I am very grateful for Sally’s expertise on nutrition and I would not hesitate in recommending her.  SB

Sally was recommended to me by a friend because I was suffering from acute digestive problems. Basically I was eating a very healthy low fat diet (going to a slimming club to aid weight loss) and doing lots of exercise. I could not understand why the more healthily I ate and the more exercise I did, the worse my digestion and bloating got with literally no weight loss

It was obvious from the onset that Sally was a very easy going person to talk to and was very thorough with her questions. She also conducted a food intolerance test during the consultation and we discovered I had a strong intolerance to corn. I had never heard of this before as you think of the usual suspects (wheat, gluten etc).

Sally wrote a plan for me to follow incorporating foods that she knew I enjoyed. Within a week of removing corn from my diet and taking some supplements to aid digestion and the bowels I shed 5 pounds and this weight has stayed off quite easily. On hindsight before seeing Sally I was eating lots of low fat gloopy yogurts, baked beans and other items including corn/maize starch and my whole system just seemed to react and fail to cope.

I am absolutely delighted with my results and am so pleased I decided to get an alternative opinion to what my GP was suggesting. In fact the simple discovery of omitting corn has literally changed my life not only for my well being but also for the control this has given me over my own body and weight loss. I am so happy and relieved”  JJ


The best thing about Sally was that she was so positive.  She gave me the boost and confidence to make positive changes to my dietShe not only offered me a lot of advice during our meeting but also followed it up with a very comprehensive plan for me to follow as well as recipes for me to try.”  KB

“We came to you as a last resort when we didnt know what to do. Your
help and support was invaluable and it has been great to see my
daughter’s improvements. I would definately recommend you to my
friends.”  HD

“it was a pleasure meeting you and money well spent,  I found you very approachable, and you instantly made me very relaxed, your passion for what you believe in came across very strongly I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.   You are a good example you look fab.”  JS

“A very big thank you to Sally. I am very much enjoying my new diet and way of life.  I no longer suffer from headaches and migraines and I feel so much lighter.  I really wished I had started it earlier.”  SS

” During the consultation I was able to share my worries about both my symptoms and the amount of prescription drugs I was taking and the effect this was having on the overall quality of life at present.  Within a few days Sally sent me a complete list of recommendations including both nutritional and lifestyle suggestions.  The plan was easy to follow and even included menu ideas which I found to be particularly useful to help me incorporate new foods and recipes into my diet……I have been following the plan for two months now and have seen a great reduction in my symptoms…… I have also been able to stop taking two of the prescription drugs I was taking and feel a lot more in control of my health”  SA

” Just wanted to say thank you ever so much….my stomach has been a lot better….I feel a lot more confident and have also lost 7lbs…. I wish I had know about your services sooner”   KT

“I feel a lot better with more energy”  PF

“I had suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for most of my life, and although thoroughly investigated for more sinister causes I was left at the age of 54 with no clearer diagnosis and certainly no help to ease the awful symptoms IBS can cause.  When I referred myself to Sally I was feeling very depressed and unwell but at out first meeting I felt confident that here was someone who could really help me and understand how debilitating the symptoms had become.  A simple and pain-free food intolerance test showed that I had an intolerance to cows milk and to eggs – things I had never before suspected!  At first I was horrified at the prospect of a cheese-free life but Sally talked me through not only the alternatives to cows milk but also the many things I could enjoy eating that would be beneficial to me.  It sounds unbelievable but it really is true that I started to feel the benefits of my new diet within a matter of days.  That was over six months ago and I am still not only enjoying my new diet but feel truly well for the first time in many many years.  I cannot thank Sally enough nor recommend her highly enough!”   HC

“Nutritional therapy has helped me to listen to my body and trust my instincts more when it comes to food.  I was lucky to find Sally at Millers Yard.  She is a good listener; her approach is professional, yet friendly and I would recommend her without hesitation.”  DP

“….Sally, just a note thank you so much for providing me with the tools to tackle my weight problem.  Having been overweight for some years, it was refreshing to deal with someone who was non-judgemental, and was able to provide me with a no nonsense, healthy approach to my diet.  The blood test and questionnaire were straight forward, and the food fact sheets were easy to understand and follow.  The free samples were great too!.  Thank you.  I have now lost 21 pounds, slowly, but more importantly, I know they’ll now stay off”  LB

 “Sally was truly lovely, with a calm and reassurance manner, and I soon felt at ease. The consultation, and testing, was professional and the advice invaluable. I have been extremely pleased with the results and have enjoyed a better quality of life as a result of my visit.” JV